Exciting times ahead for P2P and ECF

KUALA LUMPUR: Fundaztic.com, a peer-to-peer (P2P) financing platform, is aiming to raise RM80 million funds for the micro and small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) this year from the current RM55.56 million.

The platform is also raising investment notes of up to 1,200 from the current 730 notes for MSMEs.

Chief executive officer Kristine Ng said this will be driven by the company’s close engagement with investors and MSMEs over the years which would include roadshows and marketing campaigns.

“We still think there is a huge potential to tap into with underserved MSMEs that are still lacking in understanding their credit profile – which makes it difficult for them to secure financing from both banks and alternative financier like P2P platforms.

“We continue to engage with banks and strategic partners. Besides that, we are also actively conducting roadshows to increase awareness both for the investors and borrowers (MSMEs),” she told reporters at New Age Investment event hosted by Maybank Investment Bank Bhd, here, today.

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