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Understand Your Risk Appetite

We have prepared a simple risk profiling questionnaire that looks into your age, education level and experience in investing to suggest suitable notes for your investment.

Bad Rate %:

Bad Rate is used to predict the likelihood of the particular Note turning Bad within the next 12 months and is directly taken from CTOS SME Score where Fundaztic uses it as part of its credit evaluation process. Bad is defined by CTOS as such:

1. Missed payments with outstanding more than RM200 for 90 days or more.
2. Written Off.
3. CCRIS Legal Status (Bankruptcy, Summons, Auctions, etc)

The Bad Rate by CTOS is derived from an analytical study on 1 million SME entities from BNM (BNM SME Definition: Under RM50 Million Turn over) using CCRIS and CTOS data.


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